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Our Story

Eric Wang is the founder of the Tech For Society non-profit organization. He is currently a Junior at Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon, California.

Eric is a technophile. Since his childhood, you could often find him plunging into piles of Lego pieces, trying to create multiple figures, all individual pieces and assembled in various ways. In middle school, he started to delve into coding strategies, writing ingeniously in computer languages. During high school, he has dedicated his non-school time to cracking machine learning algorithms and designing and programming competitive robots.


During the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, which prevented onsite robotics team gatherings, Eric started to think beyond the technology itself. What types of robots can help society to better solve issues in a situation like the COVID-19 pandemic, or even in a situation like a California wildfire? Such thinking has brought him into the world of public policy. The book 'New Laws of Robotics' by Professor Frank Pasquale has inspired him, making him further realize that technologists can only create meaningful robots when one puts society into one's designs. The article "We must bridge the gap between technology and policymaking. Our future depends on it" by Professor Bruce Schneier has additionally inspired him that technologists not only need a deep understanding of technology, but also policy tools, in order to serve society better. Sensing the urgency of raising awareness among STEM-focused students of public policy's impact on technology, Eric founded this organization. 


Eric also has an interest in the topic of Climate Change. Observing the increasingly growing problem of natural hazards caused by climate change, he feels an urgency to call out to the youth to participate in fighting climate change in daily life.

Our MIssion

Our mission is to raise the awareness among STEM-driven youth of the societal impact of technology and the mutual influences between technology and public policy, to inspire not only the familiarization of technology, but also policy tools, and to promote technology innovation by the need and for the common good of society.


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