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FIRST/VEX Robotics

We have expertise in FIRST and VEX robotics. To promote inspiration and recognition of science and technology, and to encourage creativity and innovation, we offer free consultations to all ages and backgrounds. If you need help from us, please contact us.

USACO/AI Tutorial

We are knowledgeable in computing and machine learning algorithms. To encourage youth to challenge their brains and sharpen analytical thinking abilities, we encourage everyone to take the opportunity to learn. If you have difficulties understanding any algorithms on the USACO Training site, feel free to contact us for help.

Bi-weekly Tech Issues Workshop

To raise awareness of societal impact of technology, we organize a bi-weekly workshop on Fridays focusing on one current technology issue each meeting. Guest speakers are invited from university professors and/or industry professionals. We welcome everyone regardless of background to participate in our discussions. You can find our bi-weekly topic of interest here. Web Googlers are welcome to leave comments. If you would like to share your comments with the public, contact us and we can post your comments on our Blog.

Topic for the week -  TBD

MIT and Harvard are hosting a free virtual conference on Ethical Issues in Computing and AI next week June 2-3, 2022. Registration link:

Action on Climate Change

Sensing the urgency on fighting against climate change, we call out to peers to do what we can to help, big or small, in our daily life. Each week we act on one action from our to-dos. Web Googlers are welcome to join us in fighting climate change. 

Action for the week -  TBD

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